The Eye Examination

At i OPTICIANS we use state of the art equipment and our up to date knowledge to ensure you get the most professional eye examination.  We not only check your vision but take the time to understand your eyes to ensure optimum eye health.  Both private and NHS eye examinations are carried out by our optometrist  Sheena Patel.


The eyes are a window to the sole, so why not frame them.  i OPTICIANS have a wide range of glasses and sunglasses to choose from, which have been hand selected to ensure you get the right look and style to suit your personality.  Although we maintain the highest standards our prices are very competitive.    

Contact Lenses

If you are fed up with wearing glasses all the time contact lenses can be a great addition to your visual needs.  with the advancements in contact lens manufacturing and material contact lenses have never been more comfortable.  these days contact lenses are suitable for most people and can be warn at any age.