Refractive Surgery

Thinking of vision correction treatment?

At i SEEVISION we believe in giving our patients the best possible advise. Whether it be for spectacles, contact lenses or refractive surgery.  That is why we have partnered up with a leading Harley Street Clinic Advanced Vision Care.

Advanced Vision Care (AVC), unlike other clinics in the UK, is the only independent surgeon led eye clinic in the country.

Founded in 2003 on Harley Street by refractive specialist Dr Pillai, a world-renowned refractive and pioneering eye surgeon. AVC has developed a reputation for excellence in both laser eye surgery (both LASIK and LASEK) and non-laser eye treatments. In fact, with our state of the art technology and surgeon expertise, we are often able to treat individuals that have been found unsuitable by other clinics.

This is because AVC is committed to providing the very best possible treatments for you. So much so that they have recruited two world-leading expert surgeons to join their surgical team, Dr Goran Helgason and Professor Martin Filipec. These two surgeons specialise in non-laser treatments including CataractsClear Lens Exchange (CLE) and Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL).

If you have any questions or are thinking about having vision correction treatment and would like guidance or advise please call us on 020 8446 3311 or email