The Eye Examination

The eye examination will be carried out by our Optometrist Sheena.  She will assess your vision and will carry out a full health check on your eyes as well as check for signs of any general health problems.

Examining Your Eyes

Both an internal and external examination of your eyes will take place using world class technology and special instruments.  Additional tests will be carried out if required to check for conditions such as Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration.

Private Eye Examinations

i SEEVISION offer one of the most comprehensive eye examinations available, taking our time to understand your needs.  Private eye examinations are available for just £40.00 which includes advanced Retinal Photography to ensure every part of the eye remains healthy. 

History and Symptoms

This is an important part of the examination.  As we need to find out if your visit to us is a routine one or if you have come to see us because of some specific problems you are having with your eyes or vision.  The optometrist will ask you a few short questions to gain a better understanding of you and your eyes.  This allows the optometrist to tailor make the eye examination for you.  Alongside this information, we will also ask you about your professional requirements and hobbies as this will help provide the most suitable visual aids if needed.


Eye Movement and Coordination

Eye movements and coordination are checked to make sure both eyes are working together and undue stress is not being placed on the eye muscles. Good muscle balance is particularly important for those who use computers or read for prolonged periods.

After the Eye Examination

The Optometrist will have a detailed knowledge of the health of your eyes, the standard of your vision and any special requirements that you may have. This information will be explained to you If you require spectacles the Optometrist will advise you on the most suitable options for you. You will be also advised on the appropriate interval until your next examination. If you need medical treatment for an eye condition, you may be referred to your doctor or hospital.